Kevin Medeiros

3rd Degree Black Belt


Kevin has practiced various martial arts for over 20 years. Inspired by his father who was a martial artist in Portugal and his brother who was also a martial artist and a boxer, Kevin began learning the basics at the age of three. Like other kids his age, he grew up loving tv programs that featured fighting heroes like Ninja turtles and The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers taking place in witch would latter become very influential to what today would be known as THE GREEN DRAGON taking part from THE GREEN power ranger played by 7thdegree black belt and brief pro fighter Jason David Frank(JDF) from 1993-1997  kevin always enforces some type of inspiration atany point of our lives. During that time around 95 at about five years of age, he began to formally training in Kempo Karate at a local martial arts school. At home, he routinely grappled and boxed with his older brother who gave him the nickname “The Pitbull”, because of how he had become such a strong and tenacious opponent.

            From the age of 8 to 11, Kevin was trained at Bruce McCory Martial Arts Academy in Peabody, Ma.  His sensei was a master in Tai Kwon do, who was inducted into (a) Martial Arts Hall of Fame.


            At the age of 15, Kevin began intense training with Sensei Robert “Mac” McDowell, a Retired Special Forces Green Beret veteran who specialized in an extensive body of various marital arts. In 2007 in was inducted into (The Original) Martial Arts Hall of Fame along with muay thai & strike force champion professional UFC fighter Kung Lee   , McDowell’s expertise spanned 46 years including hand to hand combat, boxing, wrestling, Tai Kwon Do, Kempo and Shotokan Karate. In order to give his students the most comprehensive skills in martial arts, he created Ashite-do, a combination of all the modalities designed to mold them into superior fighters. Kevin’s education was further enhanced by McDowell’s assistant Dave Herrea who specialized in Katanas and bow staff.


            At the age of 16, Kevin began teaching MMA and Karate at McDowell’s Martial Arts. He also successfully competed in grappling, winning tournaments and was undefeated for a year in 3 higher weight classes.

  At the age of 18, Kevin achieved a 1st degree black belt. By this time, he was teaching children ages 4 to teenagers as well as Mixed Martial Arts, kickboxing and fitness classes for adults. He also has successfully assisted many people with their weight-loss and fitness goals.

At age 20, Kevin was promoted to a 2nd degree black belt and has since obtained a 3rd degree black belt.

Through out his martial arts career, Kevin has learned other Disciplines that have be inherited in Ashite-Do such as but not limited to: Muay Thai, Yoga, Pancrace, Tai Chi, Wing Chung, Chin na,, both Japanese and Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Hand to Hand Combat, Weapons Training and of course the three base system Tai Kwon-Do, Shotto Kan, and American Kempo. He credits his Sensei McDowell and Dave Herrea for much of his skills, and he looks forward to passing on his knowledge to his students.


            Kevin welcomes beginners to his classes. He realizes that everyone has their own pace to reaching their fitness, self-defense and martial arts goals, and he prides himself on being able to adapt his teaching style to suit the needs of the individuals in his class.  He looks forward to inspiring and challenging you to rise to your next level of fitness and well-being.